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                                *~*~Your POV*~*~
     You stood at the entrance of the tall building you will now be calling your high school. The nerves were high as you walked into the building. It was easy getting in. The halls were deserted... Were you late?! You looked up fearfully at the clock overhead... 6:14. You were early... So where was everyone else?

     You walked down the hall leisurely, knowing you had plenty of time before you had to go to class, much less getting stampeded by a rabid group of fangirls. Wait a minute...

     You were flat on your face before you heard them... Which was almost impossible because they were long gone and you could still hear them.

     Groaning, you lifted yourself off of the marble floor and proceeded to make your way to the direction of the fangirls... You might as well... You had nothing better to do. And besides, you had to be curious of about fifty screaming girls going into the same direction, especially with the look on their faces. Hope.

                                *~*~Hikaru's POV*~*~
     Kaoru was talking up two of the early arriving guests. He motioned toward me and I stepped forward.

     "Why hello~ It is my pleasure to see you lovely ladies again~" I cooed, causing them to erupt in squeals.

     Kaoru had a playful smile on his face. Him and I locked eyes for a second and we grinned devilishly. Kaoru fell to the floor in a heap.

     "Kaoru!!!" I screamed dramatically, causing the two girls and many more's attention to the developing scene before them.

     "H-Hikaru..." He gasped out.

     The fake tears in my eyes started falling as I picked up his upper body and held him close, "Hold on Kaoru!"

     "Hikaru..." He smiled softly, his eyes going in and out of vision, he reached up his hand and gently rested it on my chest, "I l-love you, Hikaru..."

     The fangirls surrounding us both squealed and gasped at the familiar confession, almost as if they have never heard it before.

     "I-I love you too, Kaoru," I said to him, smiling, my lower lip trembling.

     Then Honey walked through the door and all the fangirls jumped on the little sweetheart, completely deserting us and our dramatic performance behind.

     We both sighed and we stood up. Tamaki came up over to us and patted us on the back.

     "Good performance you two... But make it more believable..." He said, walking off to entertain his guests.

     The both of us stayed where we were and watched the girls fangirl over Honey and his towering companion.

     We were lacking behind and we both knew it... It was only because of the time... The anniversary of the fight.

                           *~*~Flashback: 3rd Person POV*~*~

     The bullies were gaining in on Hikaru and Kaoru. Their 9-year old bodies were shaking due to the fear of what the older kids could do.

     "You freaks! You both look exactly alike!" One shouted.

     The twins finally backed up into the big oak tree in the middle of the courtyard. The evening sun was setting. It was too late for any of the teachers to still be here, same with any of the fellow kids. They knew they were alone for this.

     The bullies finally closed in on the two, "When we're done with you, the two of you won't look alike anymore..." Said one of them, smirking darkly.

     The closest one raised up his fist to the twins. They both shut their eyes tight in anticipation of the pain.

     His fist never came back down. Or maybe it did, because the sound that followed was skin hitting skin, a short scream of pain, and a loud thump.

     Both of the twins opened their eyes to see the bully's eyes, huge and wide, looking to the side. The twins followed his gaze to find a little girl, about their age, lying on the ground.

     It was dead silence until one of the three bullies spoke, "You dumb little girl! You shouldn't have got in the way!!!"

     She only groaned and stood, her nose looked like a bloody mess, "If I hadn't... You'd hurt them." She said, her breathing jagged.

     They were struck by the comment but didn't show it for long, they turned back toward the twins, "You're gonna get it now!" He said, he pulled his leg back and kicked.

     The pain, again, never came. The same sounds. One distinct sound stood out however. The ear-splitting crack of bone.

                                 *~*~Kaoru's POV*~*~

     I could feel my stomach churn and flip upside down when I heard that crack. It reverberated off the trees and every object it could. Repeating itself over and over so everything could hear.

     I looked over at Hikaru, his eyes were wide and scared. The bullies' eyes were the same.

     "Y-You... Stupid little girl!!!" A bully screamed as they all ran away before anyone could see this.

     I was scared to look at her. What would she look like, with her nose bloodied and after that blood curdling sound?

     Hikaru must have looked, he turned around and vomited on the ground behind him. I looked over, my curiosity taking over. I wish I hadn't. Her nose was gushing blood. She was shaking like a leaf on the ground. She coughed up blood. I looked away, using all my strength to not vomit like Hikaru had.

     'We could have been that... Exactly like that or worse. Those bullies could have killed us... But she saved us... Why?' I thought in my head, trying to take my mind off of the condition she was in.

     Hikaru held his cellphone against his ear, his hands shook and his breathing was coming out in short rasps.

     "Help!" My brother pleaded, his eyes rimmed with tears, "H-Help her!" He screamed to the person over the phone.

                                *~*~Twin's POV*~*~

     The ambulance came 30 minutes after he called. All the while, the twins gently holding her and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. They owed her that much. They put her on a stretcher and put hauled her into the ambulance. She was conscious when they pulled her in. We both watched her, being pulled in, and then, we watched her faintly smile at us. She was gone after that. Her father heard of the incident almost immediately. He pulled her out of Ouran in about the same time. We eventually learned that her name was (Your First Name) (Your Last Name). We also found out that she had three broken ribs. The doctor said it was lucky that she didn't have a broken nose. Those were all rumors though. Her father refused to let us in the hospital room to see her because he said we started the trouble. That was the last we had saw of her. But we didn't ever forget her. No. That was too hard.

     We learned when we whispered in her ear those sweet nothings, that we liked to do that because a soft look came into her eyes, peaceful and loving. That made our decision to join the Ouran High School Host Club much easier. Now, we'd be able to say those things to all of the girls who needed it. But we never forgot her. She kept a special place.

                               *~*~Back To Now*~*~

     We get really depressed around this time. It reminded us that we couldn't have done more to help her. This made our moods take a turn for the worse. Which did not do anything to the ladies. They generally didn't want to take care of some sobbing boy on their shoulder, not this early at least. They were all tired now and needed to see something that would wake them up. Not listening to a rambling person blubbering about what happened.

     We walked out into the hall to get ourselves back together.

                                 *~*~Your POV*~*~

     You walked up the stairs cautiously. You were in a whole different wing of the school that wasn't on the map... You saw a girl walking through one of the double doors at the top of the stairs. You walked up the rest of the stairs to the double doors. Your hand hovered over the handle until it clicked by itself. And the door was being pushed open by someone else.

                                 *~*~Twin's POV*~*~

     Hikaru pushed the door open, squeals came right after him. Kaoru pushed the other door in sync to his barely older brother. Screams and happy giggles also followed. Each of them moved in sync, walking over to the ledge of the stairs.

     Both of them sighed and looked over the end, if only they'd been able to help...

     They didn't notice you behind them.

                                 *~*~Your POV*~*~

     A wide grin spread across your face as you saw the two. You could tell. These were the same twins. You glomped them, with no warning.

                                 *~*~Hikaru's POV*~*~

     Something abruptly tackled me from behind.

     "HEY!" I yelled, thinking it was some fangirl.

     Her only response was a soft giggle.

     I looked at Kaoru and he had been glomped too, his stunned face showed that well.

     I looked at the girl. She had (Your Hair Color) hair, (Your Eye Color) eyes, and (Your Skin Color) skin. All of those things looked familiar... So familiar...

                                *~*~Your POV*~*~

     Both of the twins looked at you at the same time. After a few seconds of them staring at you in the normal state of 'Who is this bat-crap-crazy person', their eyes sparked.

     "(Your Name)..." Both of them breathed in sync.

     Your smile gleamed like never before.

                                *~*~Twin's POV*~*~

     We both looked at her. Each one of our jaws dropped.

     "(Your Name)..."

     She let out a dazzling smile, "Yes?" She asked.

     She was here, after so long of being away. We, never being able to forgive ourselves for what happened, felt miserable. But now... She was here. Standing before us, like she never left. The girl we knew in grade school, was invisible to us. We never even knew if we had any classes with her. She was unnoticeable back then. But now... She couldn't be more visible. Our emotions went on crazy. We hugged her close to us. And if that wasn't enough, tears were falling fast.

                                 *~*~Your POV*~*~

     The two twins sobbed onto both of your shoulders. You let out a sweet smile and brought your hands up to their heads. You stroked their hair calmly.

     "It's okay..." You remember what your father had said to them... And you came to the horrifying realization that they thought it was their fault, "It is not your fault," You cooed, "It has never been your fault..."

     "B-But..." Intervened one of them, "We were the ones who started that..."

     You smiled, "No. It was the bullies' faults. Or the people that lead them to that. Never has it been your fault. I want you to know that. I also want you to know that it was my decision to do what I did. You two had nothing to do with that. Nothing at all."

     Both of them looked at you. A mixed array of feelings lied deep in the two set of topaz orbs. One major feeling stood out above the rest... Great relief...

     They buried their heads further into your shoulders, "Thank you...!" Each of them cried.

     You patted their heads, "You're welcome..." You said, smiling still.

     After they calmed down they lifted their heads off of your shoulders. They looked at you intently, almost as if in thought.

     Their eyes glistened and they looked at each other, smirking devilishly.

     Kaoru grabbed your left arm and Hikaru the right. Your feet swept out from under you as you were dragged into the double doors.

     Chandeliers were hung across the ceiling. Tables, couches, and furniture were scattered elegantly and precisely across the great room.

     "Hey Haruhi! Set us up a chair, please~?" Hikaru asked.

     A brown headed girl, she looked too feminine to be a boy, stepped over with a chair and set it down close to where the twins were dragging you.

     Everyone's eyes seemed to be trained on this new arrival. The twins set you down in the chair.

     Both of them smirked down at you, the chair was in the middle of the open room, "Well (Your Name)... We felt like we should repay you for what you did... So we came up with this... Now sit back and enjoy~" Each of them said. They sounded as if they had known you forever.

     You sat back like you were told and watched, a smile creeping onto your face.

     And the scene unfolded to be their most dramatic, stunning, and most beautiful performance yet. The smile everlasting on your face.
>w< I like it~

Ouran High School Host Club: ... I'll look it up sometime...
Story: :iconrosesfallwhite:
Reader-Chan: :iconhikaruplz: and :iconkaoruplz:

This was a request for ~newzuperartist123~ Hope you liked it~!
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